Betsy McNally Laouar

Gymnastics, Nutrition and Fitness Specialist


About Betsy

Since 2001, Betsy McNally Laouar has been a coach in the fitness world. She is a wife and mom of two boys, personal trainer, sports nutritionist, former gymnastics coach, professional bodybuilder/fitness competitor, former high school teacher and best selling author of Binges and Balance Beams


A graduate of Michigan State University and a certified personal trainer through the NSCA and sports nutritionist through Chicago State,  she specializes in working with gymnasts  achieve balance, healthy body image, strength and good nutritional habits. 


She also works with regular moms, athletes and families in her online bootcamps, live training, and nutrition and training programs.


 She has worked with professional/elite athletes, Olympians, moms, dads too. She currently travels the country doing her "Betsy Bootcamps" and is available for in person, live or streaming webinars, nutritional programs and fitness programs. 

Featured Testimonial: Shannon Dawe 

My name is Shannon Dawe and I am the owner of Quantum Niagara Gymnastics Inc in Niagara Falls, Canada. I was lucky enough to have met Betsy in August 2017 when I took a trip to Cincinnati with my high performance gymnast. I was at a very low point in my life having recently suffered a loss in my family. I needed help with my gymnasts conditioning program and what Betsy was doing with the girls at CGC was amazing! I contacted Betsy soon after returning home and we discussed how she could help. I have been using her personalized planning for my provincial gymnasts ever since.   My girls love getting the new conditioning programs. They are hard, fun, always different and very creative. I always say to myself "how does Betsy come up with these ideas?". I feel strongly that Betsy's conditioning has made the girls stronger, faster and all around better gymnasts. She wants to know what areas I need help with and she adds it to the next plan.  Betsy is brilliant at what she does, but, is a wonderful person and friend. She has also motivated me to improve my overall health. She is always there for a quick chat if I am feeling down and reassures me how great and strong I am. She always makes me feel like she believes in me and is in my corner. It is a success for Betsy when her clients succeed.  She tailored my meal plans, included me in a coaches bootcamp and has also done an unforgettable Betsy Bootcamp last summer at my gym in Niagara Falls, Canada.   Betsy has made a big impact on my life and those of my gymnasts. We cannot thank her enough :)

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