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Betsy Bootcamp Accelerator Program

Want to turn your passion or expertise into a thriving event or bootcamp or create passive income from your expert knowledge? The Secrets Of Betsy Bootcamp!

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Turn your Passion Into Profit! Learn the Expert Strategies Behind Betsy’s Success and Learn how to launch, operate and lead your own specialist bootcamp, clinic or following! Join the Betsy Bootcamp Accelerator Course!

Advance Your Coaching Career:

Become a Specialist or Own your own Bootcamp!

Are you ready to take your coaching career to the next level? Whether you're looking to deepen your expertise, grow your social media following, increase your brand awareness or expand your influence in the coaching world, my EXCLUSIVE Coaching Accelerator Program is designed just for you. In just six weeks, my transformative course will equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to excel as a specialist clinician or bootcamp owner.


The curriculum covers essential topics such as:

Effective Marketing Techniques: Learn how to effectively promote your services and attract the right clients with your passion or message. 


Client Acquisition Strategies: Master the art of attracting and retaining clients to build a thriving practice.


Sales Skills for Coaches: Enhance your selling abilities to ensure you're maximizing your potential.


Logistical Management: Streamline your operations for efficiency and success.


Building a Social Media Presence: Establish a strong online presence that engages and grows your audience.


Generating Passive Income: Discover strategies to earn income passively, giving you financial freedom and stability.



Each module is designed to build on the last, providing a clear path to becoming a specialist coach who stands out in the industry. You'll also have the opportunity to connect with other aspiring coaches in a supportive, interactive online environment.


This *program is more than just a course—it's a gateway to transforming your passion for coaching into a lucrative and fulfilling career as a specialist clinician. I was able to do it alone and ran Betsy Bootcamp for over a decade, creating a lucrative business while also traveling the country. I want to share my knowledge and expertise with you. 


*PS: Spots are limited, this is going to be an inclusive and intense journey. I am only taking SIX coaches.   I want to ensure EVERY qualified and  dedicated coach,  like you- have the opportunity to join.


Are you ready to transform your coaching career? Enroll now to secure your place in our next cohort and start your journey towards becoming a specialist coach.


Option One Includes:


6 Week Intense *Zoom Program

1 hour/weekly (6 sessions total)

 *recordings will be available if you cannot attend:


*Time: 1-2 PM EST or 5-6PM Est

*time to be determined based on enrolled participants*


Every Wednesday Starting Sept. 25th  to  Oct. 30th 


Cost: $999

Buy it Now HERE

Option Two Includes:

6 Week Intense *Zoom Program PLUS a weekend in-person live bootcamp experience in **Cincinnati, Ohio on November 2nd and 3rd, 2024

 *recordings will be available if you cannot attend:
**Travel and hotel expenses not included, but a delicious lunch will be daily!

*Zoom Meeting Times: 1-2 PM EST or 5-6PM Est

*time to be determined based on enrolled participants*


Every Wednesday Starting Sept. 25th  to  Oct30th 

Weekend In Person Bootcamp includes Betsy Bootcamp Certified training to either
run your own personalized bootcamps
Become a *trainer under Betsy’s program and receive resources, leads and help from Betsy
*Interview and approval from Betsy upon completion of the course

Cost: $1,900
Buy it Now HERE

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