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Are you looking for a flexible on-the-go workout plan that works around YOUR schedule?


Betsy Bootcamp for Gymnasts

15 Streaming Workouts - 1 Amazing Price!

Original Workouts Include:

Thigh Squeezing and Strength, Obliques, Core and Upper

All gymnasts need strong inner thighs for great form and tension! Add in some core and you are good to go! 



Betsy Bootcamp Focusing on PLANKING! One of the best workouts ever! Its a doozie! 



Needle kicking! We focus on something so important for gymnasts! Active flexibility, leaping, single leg work!!!  Get your long bands and small bands, sliders and weights ready for an amazing workout! 


You Rocker MY WORLD

Rock, rock, rock side back, on your belly! We totally rock your CORE in this one!



We lunge and lunge and then we lunge! Great intense leg and plyo workout for strong single leg work for round offs, hurdles and leaping

Plyometric Training and Multi-joint, Functional Weight Training

Start with jumping move into weights then finish with active core for a well rounded workout for gymnasts!



This total body workout will have you working legs, arms,  core plyos and cardio! Get ready to sweat and be an amazingly conditioned gymnast! 


A Gymnast’s Potpourri!

This workout focuses on quickness, agility ,core and upper body tension and speed.  Also lots of biceps work for strong arms!


Core, Arms, Handstands and MORE!

To have a strong handstand you must have a strong core! This workout focuses on BOTH! 


Total Body for Skills

This workout focuses on legs, hurdles, upper body quickness and strength topped off with leg shaping. This total body focus will help you master your skills! 


Cardio Leg Kicker

Lots of Legs, Jumps and kicks for ballistic strength, power and speed!  Top it off with CORE for the finisher! 


50/50 Core

Top each set off with 50 repetitions of a core exercise! Tons of abdominals and  obliques  with triceps,  blocking and body tension!


Kipping, Casting and Hurdling with Weight Training!

This skill focused workout is not only well rounded for skill development but covers the basics with the weights too!


Classic Betsy Bootcamp Mix!

Turning, Leaping Weight Training and more!  Get your total body fix with this mix up of fun!


 An Athlete’s Dream! 

Agility, Abduction, Coordination and Quickness! Throw in some weight training and active core And you have an athletes’s dream workout! 

$500 Value

Sale price: $79.99

Are you ready for Round 2?

15 additional workouts - same amazing price


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