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Hey Gymnast, Stress Any??

It’s the competitive season and things can get pretty nerve wracking. Dealing with anxiety, fear of failure, stress and fatigue, let Betsy and Ariana help you battle the common issues of competition season.


In this workshop your gymnast will learn tools and strategies on how to:

  • Conquer nerves and pressure through mental strategies as well as specific nutritional choices

  • Find their calm through proper food choices and positive self talk.

  • Battle anxiety, fear and blocks through mental training and choosing foods that can calm and help with focus, confidence and performance.

  • Compete like they practice by using mindful techniques and choosing foods that increase focus and decreasing foods that cause brain fog and soreness.



All Sessions will be available both live through Zoom and  recorded for later viewing.


Registration Closes January 12th:


January 17th 4:00-5:00 EST

February 14th 4:00-5:00 EST

March 13th.   4:00-5:00 EST 

April 17th.    4:00-5:00 EST 



Early Bird Prices Effective Until Dec 31st


Single Athlete Early Bird Price: $99

Single Athlete After 12/31: $119

Click HERE  to  purchase Single Athlete Early Bird Pricing









Early Bird Team Price: $299

Team Price after 12/31: $329

Click HERE to purchase Team Early Bird Pricing

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