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Gymnastics Owners and Coaches: You have enough on your plate!!


With rotation schedules, competition planning, parent communication and the actual on - the - floor  coaching, gymnastics coaches are certainly strapped for time! Many things can fall to the wayside, specifically effective conditioning plans and almost always, the topic of athlete nutrition, which usually, is merely an afterthought.


Trust me, I have been a gymnastics coach or involved with the sport for nearly 40 years, I know how it goes! Coaching gymnastics is challenging, and although we love it, there are a lot of details that need to be addressed in order for your athletes to step on the competition floor ready to go!


In addition to your event training plans, choreography schedules, Leo fittings, budgeting and payroll, travel scheduling and parent meetings, do you really have time to create effective conditioning???

I DO…..

How does a proven, effective, creative, cost effective and functional conditioning program sound to you? One that is already prepared for you and your gymnasts PLUS  One that is prepared by a conditioning expert with over 25 years of experience training high level gymnasts? (Betsy-yep that’s me!)


If you are already writing your own conditioning but need fresh ideas, how about a gallery of over 150 exercises and drills each month that you can pop into your training program as side stations or in-event conditioning ideas?



In addition to that training program, what if you also had pertinent and relevant nutrition education each month, specifically geared towards the needs of your gymnasts and their parents?


You would at least be doing SOMETHING to express the importance of nutrition, (are you doing anything at all currently???) but you wouldn’t have to do it,, Betsy Bootcamp will do it for you! Most gymnastics coaches aren’t nutritionists and need help discussing this delicate topic….


You see, I know your struggles and for the past ten years I have been perfecting the the answer to your problems….



The Betsy Bootcamp Membership Program with All Access Gallery


It’s the only one of it’s kind in the competitive gymnastics community. It saves you time, offers education for you athletes and ultimately they get stronger—— all at a cost effective price. Everyone wins! I’ve been doing this a long time, and each year my membership grows, grows and grows!!! So, what’s in this magic solution?


Here’s what you get with this invaluable investment…

betsu 2.png

Full Membership:


1) A monthly training guide which includes a warmup with cardio, active flexibility, strength and periodized training which includes injury prevention


2) A Nutrition Newsletter to share with your gymnasts and their families that explains the important of nutrition for the gymnast, foods that help them run, jump, recover, think and perform at their highest level. Coming from Betsy, a top gymnastics nutritionist


3) All Access Gallery Pass, a monthly gallery of between 150-200 exercises that you can choose from, labeled by body part, you can pop these exercises into your training program, a quick way to sneak in side stations and in event conditioning

Betsy Bootcamp All Access Gallery

A full gallery of exercises updated monthly, labeled by body part and category (legs, core, upper body, flexibility) Each month get your exercises and pop them into your training plan as side stations, supplements for conditioning or in event drilling! Best for coaches who already create their own conditioning but need new ideas!



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