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Diana Stricescu , JO Girls Program Director - Troy Gymnastics, Michigan

“I have been following Betsy on social media for quite some time . I have been inspired by her fitness and nutrition . I have incorporated and taken many conditioning exercises from her and used them with my athletes . Troy Gymnastics had finally the pleasure to meet and work with Betsy in person . I am so impressed with her professionalism , her energy and her passion for the sport and helping athletes understand balance with nutrition .  

Our families loved the nutrition presentation . Betsy made it so easy to understand. Our athletes left the camp feeling inspired and motivated . 

Can't thank her enough!”

Heather Reimers - Mom

“Betsy teaches that strong, confident girls are beautiful! Regardless of level, teaching young athletes to respect and love their bodies and strength is paramount. Truly, just the idea that organic pure food is so beneficial is educational in itself as a life lesson. It is so informative (for moms, you too!). Food is GOOD and’s fuel. You are such a leader in a supportive movement, Betsy. No restrictions - balance. Whether JO or elite, all goals are a foundation to a greater life goal. Love yourself!” 

Tupelo Gymnastics Center

We have used Betsy's services for a year now.  ALL of our Gymnasts AND coaches are healthier because of her nutrition training. I have girls who have been in on Team for exactly one year and they are Level 4 gymnasts (no prior Gymnastics experience). Girls are able to hold the correct body shapes so skills are executed more safely and cleaner.   Many of the fears we had before are gone because the girls are stronger and more powerful.  My little ones are getting new skills more quickly because they started when we started using Betsy's services.   Strength and body control have increased so much that we have several gymnast who are able to hold handstands over one minute!  Results were not only seen in the gym but also on the competition floor.  We had our first gymnast score a 10 on Bars this season!!!!

Lori H
Mom and Coach

Spearfish Gymnastics Academy

Christina, Owner Blaze Gymnastics Syracuse, NY

We just wanted to say thank you!  We are definitely starting to see the fruits of the hard work from your conditioning and nutrition program!  We had a meet this weekend and the girls (all levels) are looking so strong!, especially the 10's!  I know they are eating better too because we talk and share about it all the time.  The 10s went 12 for 12 on routines.  First time all year they all hit every event.   Their energy is good and they look strong!  I woe you a huge thank you for all of your hard work, dedication and inspiration <3

Betsy is amazing. My daughter  Megan started with the 9 week program with the clean eating then moved to the one year training program. We have seen tremendous improvement in strength and speed. Megan used to have some knee pain occasionally but since being on Betsy’s  training program she has been injury free! Betsy really understands what a gymnast needs and the variety to make the muscles work for gymnastics. I would highly recommend Betsy’s program. Megan would not be where she is without it. I played volleyball in college and coached high school volleyball previously so I knew about the importance of strength training but not in the way a gymnast needs it. Betsy has  helped Megan get the next level. We plan on staying with her program for the duration of Megan’s gymnastics career. We have been doing the program for almost a year.

Betsy Bootcamp is a MUST DO!

We recently hosted Betsy McNally for her Betsy Bootcamp at our gym.  To say this was an amazing, motivating, inspiring weekend is an understatement.  

I originally was attracted to what Betsy Bootcamp offered because Betsy focuses on the athlete as a whole person.  By whole person she addresses the athlete's body, mind and soul.  I can not tell you how much the athletes needed this, even I was shocked at how impactful the weekend was on our athletes, coaches and families.  The athletes and coaches were genuinely inspired by all the fresh strength building activities and positive encouragement.  Our athletes and coaches left CONFIDENT in themselves, they left with an awareness and compassion for each other.  They left with a bond that was not there before this weekend but that will be there long after. Betsy speaks from the heart and I believe she is the voice of knowledge, love and understanding that is instrumental to building a foundation in your club for positive and healthy athletes body, mind and soul.  

Mom of Level 9 Gymnast

I am so proud of the changes Hannah has made in her everyday lifestyle since we made the move to CGA! It's not easy staying on track of eating right, saying no to your favorite foods when they are all around you. Being a part of you meal plans and your conditioning classes has taught her self discipline!! You have made a big impact on Hannah with  all of your knowledge on fitness and healthy eating! We love you Betsy!

June Haas, Owner
Gymnastics Unlimited /Orchard Park Gymsters

The Betsy McNally Boot Camp was such an amazing experience . The gymnasts loved trying new drills and conditioning. The nutrition talk was inspiring  and  will benefit them for years to come. They enjoyed trying new foods too.  Thank you Betsy, your passion is infectious  and knowledge was greatly appreciated . Would love to do it again!!

Erika DeBolt 

Quest Gymnastics 

In the summer of 2019 I had Betsy booked to come out in 2020. Then Covid-19 happened and it was delayed. The one thing I wanted to make sure happened for my gymnasts was that Betsy still got to come out. It was the best decision I could have made! I am so glad I waited it out and still made sure she made it out to us! When Betsy arrived, I was a stressed mess trying to set up technology- which I am not great at. She walked over to me and it was like a huge relief was lifted off my shoulders, she was so caring and reassuring that it was all going to be fine and everything would be up and working. My gymnasts LOVED her! She treated them like she knew them for years. They loved everything about her- listening to her, watching her, trying her different food ideas, and they even had full belly laughs watching the parent bootcamp. Her confidence in what she does is like nothing I have ever seen before. She was so organized and on top of everything she did! She does her job with so much grace, love and motivation. You can tell that she truly loves and lives what she teaches! I could listen to her talk all day! She is one of the most inspiring humans I have ever met! This is a must do camp!"



Thank you again for being a part of our gym family! We love everything about you! You are the most inspiring woman! You are doing big things in this world and we all thank you for it! 

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