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Seven Week Program
(For Beginners or Jump Start People)

Of course you do! How about three, 30 minute workouts you can do WITH ME, in the privacy of your own home?

If you find yourself thinking or saying to yourself: “I am sooo out of shape” or “I just need a place to start,” or “ I need to somehow just get moving” well, this program is for you!!

In this 7 week journey, I will guide you with three workouts each week. One is a stretch, the other a core, and the final workout is total body. I have had amazing feedback with this series, ranging from, “it was just what I needed to get going” to “your motivating words kept me moving!”

Check out the meal plan and nutrition tips that also go with this amazing program, and watch the video below to learn a little more on how three 30 minute workouts for seven weeks can help jump start your fitness journey!

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