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Who is Betsy and What is Betsy Bootcamp?


Betsy McNally-Laouar is a certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist, best selling author, former high school teacher, gymnastics coach and professional fitness competitor. Betsy was also a level 10 gymnast so she knows and understands what it takes to be of strong mind, body and emotions to do the sport of gymnastics.  Betsy specializes in nutrition, conditioning and positive body image for all gymnastics levels. Over a decade ago she saw the need for more education for gymnasts in the areas of healthy, functional nutrition and conditioning, so she started Betsy Bootcamp and traveled all over the world with her fitness camp and books. She is focused on creating conditioning programs and nutrition programs for gymnastics programs  all over the world! She has worked with world champions, olympians, elites, and every level below and in between! 

Testimonial #1

Betsy Bootcamp is a MUST DO!

We recently hosted Betsy McNally for her Betsy Bootcamp at our gym.  To say this was an amazing, motivating, inspiring weekend is an understatement.  

I originally was attracted to what Betsy Bootcamp offered because Betsy focuses on the athlete as a whole person.  By whole person she addresses the athlete's body, mind and soul.  I can not tell you how much the athletes needed this, even I was shocked at how impactful the weekend was on our athletes, coaches and families.  The athletes and coaches were genuinely inspired by all the fresh strength building activities and positive encouragement.  Our athletes and coaches left CONFIDENT in themselves, they left with an awareness and compassion for each other.  They left with a bond that was not there before this weekend but that will be there long after. Betsy speaks from the heart and I believe she is the voice of knowledge, love and understanding that is instrumental to building a foundation in your club for positive and healthy athletes body, mind and soul.  

Christina, Owner Blaze Gymnastics Syracuse, NY

Testimonial #2

Our athletes are stronger, faster, and more agile thanks to Betsy's training

Being able to have her in person AND incorporate her monthly training program has been amazing for our team. I highly recommend using BOTH.


Her camp was high energy! Betsy sets the bar high and the athletes strive to reach it. 

The nutrition lecture was beneficial for our athletes, coaches, and parents. We especially appreciated how she addressed common misconceptions about what foods are "healthy."

I reached out to Betsy for my athletes, but Betsy's boot camp was the wake up call I needed to get out of my rut and take care of myself so that I could continue to take care of my athletes. Betsy saved my life!


Jennifer Ryan

 Becca’s Place Gym , Kentucky

Testimonial #3

Living in a small "southern" town, I was a little apprehensive...

on how our parents would respond to the importance of nutrition for their athletes. Betsy's presentation was perfect. She is so down to earth and related to our parents and the struggles we all have. She showed the importance of proper nutrition in a very informative way that both our parents and athletes could understand. She is a jewel and an asset to any program she is apart of.

As a coach and gym owner, Betsy is wonderful to work with. She is there to answer any questions you may have. Her boot camp was amazing. Betsy's "out of the box" conditioning targets many muscle groups, we as coaches neglect. She was there to explain to both coaches and athletes the muscle groups that each exercise is focusing on and also how we use those muscle groups in our gymnastics. Her passion for what she does is contagious and she is an asset for any gym!


Mandie Stevens

Pinnacle Gymnastics, Arkansas

Testimonial #3

Betsy - You have had a very motivational impact...

on our gym this summer at Lakettes Gymnastics Academy. Not only did I check for healthy snacks and lunches and give prizes for not only having a great lunch/snack but actually eating it. Now it is a constant of great healthy eating in our gym. I want to thank you for that! We call snacks Betsy approved snacks, so your name will never be forgotten!   Our practices now consist of what I call the BBC core workout, or BBC block and ladder warmup, BBC leg strength, etc. We implement everything we did during your Bootcamp and I see a great overall strength improvement.  As a coach I am thankful for your knowledge and motivation for not only we coaches and gymnasts but you also had a great impact on our parents as well and I thank you for that!



Mary Hawley, Team Director

Lakettes Gymnastics Academy

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