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Are you a gymnastics club owner, coach or a fitness enthusiast seeking a personal trainer?

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Betsy Bootcamp Membership is the Ultimate Resource for Gymnastics Owners and Coaches who want to save time, maximize retention and develop happy, healthy amazing athletes!

This ONE OF A KIND PROGRAM helps owners and coaches who want expert conditioning and nutrition programs along with:

Time Saving: Spend less time creating conditioning and more time event coaching, working with athletes, parents and your gym/business.

Retention: Happy, healthy gymnasts = gymnasts that keep coming to your gym! Continue to grow with this program!

The Nutrition “ISSUE”: Betsy educates athletes and parents of gymnasts in a way that is balanced, effective and FUN! She checks all the boxes!

Athlete Success/Less Injuries: Starting with the basics and moving into intermediate and advanced levels, Betsy Bootcamp helps your athletes succeed and stay injury free!

FUN, Creative Ideas: Betsy’s conditioning combines functional and traditional with gymnastics skills, is periodized and includes partner training, games, seasonal and holiday themes as well as lots of variation and innovation!

USER Friendly Programming: Betsy uses video clips, PDF’s and breaks down number of repetitions, sets, and periodizes the training for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels. The nutrition recipes and PDFs are also easy to access and share! 

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