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Betsy Bootcamp 50
Strategies, Support and Strength!
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 We are all going through it! The 50’s are a time when women go through menopause and fighting the aging process. For many of us, our bodies are in a state of confusion. I just turned 50, and this year is all about helping others navigate their fitness journey during this decade of our lives!


In fact, I have somehow managed to push through this tough time because I have figured out what works for ME, and I have been a personal trainer for 30 years. This bootcamp is an opportunity for me to help you problem solve this confusing time- and let me help you figure out what works for YOU and develop an exercise and nutrition plan that you can work with!

SO...What is Betsy Bootcamp 50?


This bootcamp is designed to help you strategize and figure out WHAT works best for your body, your time commitment and nutritional needs. It will focus on developing the right strength training, nutrition and wellness strategies to help you stay strong during your fifties. It’s about empowering YOU with Betsy’s help in determining the right strategies and solutions to battle through the 50’s and celebrate them too!


You see, I’ve learned over the years that One exercise/nutrition and wellness program does not work for one person. That is why this bootcamp will be focused on the following:

1. Offering accountability and support in our bi-monthly meetings

2. Offering different nutrition options and education on functional foods for the 50’s

3. Offering different training plans based on your likes and dislikes of exercise and time commitment 4. Offering flexibility in when and how you exercise.

5. Offering deep dives on how we feel about stress, foods, alcohol, exercise and how we are feeling in the midst of our menopausal experiences.




Program Dates: September 9-November 22nd

Meeting Dates*: September 9th, 23rd, Oct 7, 21st November 4, 18th

Time: to be determined based on enrolled participant.

*Recordings will be available !



3 Programs Available:


Betsy Bootcamp 50 Basic program:

1) Bi-monthly accountability meetings

2) Educational and Fitness guidance and help with strength training, nutrition and wellness

3) Deep dives, discussions and solutions on how you can create (with Betsy’s help) a program that fits your lifestyle and one that you can enjoy and celebrate!

4) Opportunities for personalized programs to hit all my fitness goals! 


Pricing: $199

Click HERE to Purchase



Basic Plus 50 Program:

Includes all items in Basic Program and one monthly personalized fitness and nutrition plan


Pricing: $399

Click HERE to Purchase


Basic Exclusive 50 Plan:

Includes all items in Basic Program, one monthly personalized fitness and nutrition plan and 2 private one on one hour sessions with Betsy

Pricing: $999

Click HERE to Purchase

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