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Summer Strong Gymnast

12 Week Conditioning Program

Build strength, power, agility, quickness, speed, endurance plus enhance fitness and conditioning.  It's what every competetive gymnast needs for summer building!


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Need a personalized version of Summer Strong?



Summer Strong Team or Individualized 12 Week Program One thing is for sure, a general conditioning plan won't solve all of your athlete's individual issues. Having worked with gyms across the country for over a decade, I've observed recurring issues that affect athletes at all levels, from beginners to elites. I'm not here to blame any particular gym or coach; it's simply an observation.


Whether it's due to a lack of foundational or functional conditioning, or an area receiving insufficient focus in strength and conditioning programs, the reality remains: there are significant weaknesses in many gymnasts.


If you need a personalized, individual plan or one for your whole team, now is the time to reach out. I can determine your athlete’s needs and create a perfect plan to target those areas.


During our consultation, which typically lasts around 30 minutes, we can discuss your team's or athlete's imbalances and weaknesses, and tailor a program to meet their needs. I will even look at videos you provide of your athletes training to determine the exact needs of your athlete(s)


Want MORE? Click HERE to reach out and get started or more information on this personalized program! 

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