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Betsy's Webinar Series

Injuries are a part of gymnastics! But if we can take measures to prevent them or prepare the body to be in the best environment to avoid them or at least HEAL from them, we should. This webinar takes you through specific foods that are useful in preventing and healing bones and tissues and providing information on anti-inflammatory foods to ease through injuries. In addition there will be a segment on injury prevention through functional fitness training. 

Topics Include:

  • techniques on calming nerves that fit Your competition style

  • specific meet day nutrition planning

  • positive rituals for nutrition and mental toughness

One of the biggest complaints about  Xcel programs is the  limited time for conditioning. This webinar covers strategies, circuits and specific details on how to get your gymnasts in great shape using basics, in-event conditioning and comprehensive circuits to get more bang for your buck! 

Want Betsy to talk LIVE to your athletes and parents? This one hour webinar is dedicated to educating your athletes and parents on nutrition for gymnastics and includes a question and answer session and education on how to maximize your nutrition for this sport. 

Webinar Includes: 

  •  A Head To Toe Soft Tissue Treatment Plan with Sharon 

  •  Nutrition Planning for Recovery, Inflammation and Building Strong Bones and Muscles with Betsy

  • Question and Answer Session 


Webinar Includes: 

  • Basic Nutrition

  • Mental Training

  • Question and Answer Session  with Betsy and Doc Ali

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